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June 18th, 2014

Yesterday, on facebook, for the first time, we saw Scott Stirm admitting to Dominonists Theology in a thread started by Nefretery Nancy Marin. In the thread, Stirm said,”I am grateful for the truths we were taught at Youth With a
Mission, and the” 7 influencing areas in society”, once called the ”Mind Moulders”
that shape our society, now called,”The 7 mountains Areas of Society”. Church,
Education, Family, Gov’t, Business & Commerce, Media, Art &
Entertainment. Loren Cuningham taught us that when the Church pulls back from
any of these areas, then darkness takes over. It’s always important to discern
the grace from our lives, for which of the areas He calling into- AREAS plural,
because they do overlap. We need that “Issachar anointing” 1 Chr. 12, the “sons
of Issachar who really had understanding/discern of the times to know what
Israel ought to do…” We have our work cut out for us! Roll up our sleeves!
Pray, hear, then GO GET EM!

While Louis Wade said in another thread that,” BFLA 3000 babies aborted in 2013, most of them, just as in the US/black Creole babies…what did human rights say?” The Executive Director actually said it was 13. See actual snapshot below:

The lies do not end there, as Belize Action in a flyer said that ” Orozco Files International Complaint Against Belize at the OAS.” The sad thing about this accusation was that it showed they have little knowledge of the OAS system and failed to do an research to clarify their accusation. It was simply a hearing to discuss a broad area of concern. It was not a legal hearing, it was a presentation that required no formal decision.

This flyer builds upon previous lies which shows that Scott Stirm integrity is low. In a news report on channel seven about the so called constitutional marches, he reported that there were 10,000 people. His comments were made July 29th, 2013 in response to a Southern Poverty Law Center Report. The report read,”According
to him, this report was a weak attempt which was timed to try to distract the
nation from a month of Constitutional marches across Belize which, quote,
“mobilized almost 10,000 Belizeans to stand for Constitutional values and
opposed to the 2013 Gender Policy in its present form.”  Even if, Dangriga rally was added to the the numbers, it still would not be 10,000, but such is the hype of Belize Action Scott Stirm.

Not enough to mis-characterise the gender policy,  they sought to malign the Executive Director of the National Women’s Commission, Ann-Marie William, regarding statements of the gender policy being a done deal. As usual Belize Action, used a right-wing blogger to make its point. 

Opponents continue with their lies, speaking of orchestrating the mob attack of Vanessa Champage Paris in April of this year. The facebook comments below reveal their ability to twist an event of inhumanity- despite saying they do not support violence- to ignoreand dismiss the abuse and harm experienced by this individual. Furthermore, laying blame on “the orchestrating” and not the perpetrators of violence.

We have countless examples of outright lies being told as fact to the Belizean Public for consumption. We will continue to document each moment as it occurs.

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